Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

Albert Einstein, physicist and theoretician — "We Are United" Film 2016

We are United

“I became good at living in my imagination. People would talk about
everyday things and I dreamt about changing the world.
Dreaming is still an important part of my life.”

Keith Hobbs

All who achieve great things are great dreamers

Visionaries who are not afraid of looking at the world differently

Of imagining a new and better future

And committing their lives to realising their dreams

Romantics who believe in the power of ideas to create change

And are mad enough to make things change

The utopians remembered for the realities they created

The idealists quoted for the new worlds they dared to dream

Every dream a journey

Every journey an extraordinary story to be told

At United we believe that behind every great design

There is always a great idea

And that the story behind every great idea

Is a new world waiting to be dreamt

A modest deed performed with a great idea leads to excellence

A noble deed performed without a great idea leads to indifference

A noble deed performed with a great idea is what we call art

Not many come up with ideas

Not many design with ideas

And yet there are many unprepared for the challenges of the idea

Because the idea is what makes the difference

Is a way of doing

A way of being done

We are United

We are not just an interior design studio

We are the idea

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